The Ministry of Development allocates 9.3 million euros to aid for the abandonment of autonomous transporters

The Ministry of Development has already launched for this year the call for aid to abandon the activity for autonomous transporters, with a budget set at 9.3 million euros. The fixed requirements limit the aid to those self-employed carriers who have reached 64 years of age, a minimum age that is not required for those carriers that were recognized at the date of application, an absolute permanent disability, total or severe disability.

The requests and processing of the files of abandonment of activity, will have to be made of telematic form through the electronic headquarters of the Ministry of Development in this direction. The deadline for submission of applications will be one month from the day following publication, that is, the deadline to submit applications will be April 8, 2018.

Asks to be eligible for these grants be autonomous freight forwarders or travelers registered in this regime in the Social Security, uninterruptedly, during the last ten years. However, a single interruption for a period not exceeding three months will be allowed.

In addition, to be the uninterrupted holder during the last ten years of a maximum of three authorizations (copies) of public transport (at least one of which must be in force at the time of the request). A single interruption is allowed for a period not exceeding three months. Likewise, in cases of disability, the validity of authorizations will be required at the date of the declaration of disability. And also not to have wasted other aid to the abandonment of the activity in previous years.

The subsidy to be granted by the Ministry of Development is calculated as follows. For the authorization or authorizations of public transport 30,000 euros. In addition, for transporters under 65 years of age, additionally 5,300 euros for each complete semester until reaching 65 years of age.

On the other hand, Development has raised the possible suppression of these grants from next year due to the new regulation of access to the sector, as a result of the recent ruling of the European Court, for not establishing limiting requirements for access to the activity. Given this possibility, Fenadismer will raise the maintenance of the aid “because of the social nature of these aids, as well as the character of painful and dangerous activity that road transport represents, especially for older professionals who continue in the activity”.

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